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Fruits and vegetables delivered right to your door! 

Our Season's Peak program allows you to enjoy some of the highest quality, locally grown fruits and vegetables delivered right to your door!  Purchasing your produce from MontVerde means you're not only saving money by cutting out the middle man, but also decreasing the amount of time from harvest to table, all while supporting U.S. growers and investing in your local economy! Sign up for a weekly or one-time delivery and begin enjoying the true taste of fresh, today!

Place your order by Thursday at midnight for a Friday delivery!

Inside your box you will find:

1-2 Types of leafy greens

3-5 Types of fruit

3-5 Types of veggies

Inside your box you will find:

7-10 Types of fruit

Inside your box you will find:

7-10 Types of veggies

Currently delivering in Broward and Palm Beach Counties!

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